Maxvida® - Balanced Nutrition Supplement for Adults - 400g Mango (Tub)

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Maxvida® is a balanced nutrition supplement designed for adults to stay healthy & active. A delicious glass of Maxvida® is enriched with 32 key nutrients to meet the nutritional requirement of adults that helps provide energy, boost immunity & increase muscle strength . Maxvida® is fortified with Certi5TM signature nutrients - Dual protein, Dietary fiber, Antioxidants, Hemo nutrients, Bone nutrients. Maxvida® is ICMR compliant & has lower sugar with taste advantage.

Maxvida provides balanced nutrients and helps adults stay healthy and active by restoring immunity, energy and strength.

Maxvida is formulated with the benefit of Certi5 Signature nutrients Dual Protein, Dietary Fiber, Antioxidants, Hemo Nutrients and Bone Nutrients, which help in restoring Immunity, Energy, and Strength

Maxvida provides balanced nutrition supplements to stay healthy and active and comes in 3 delicious flavors Vanilla, Chocolate, and Mango in 200g starter Pack and 400g Value Pack

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